oh brother where are thou?

Ozzie is much better now.  Back to his normal self.  This weekend wasn’t hectic but there was still alot to do.  Friday night we went to the the McHigh/Harlingen halftime show to see Tori play.  They decided to stick a football game before and after the show though.  oh well.  They are preforming at Mchigh next so we’ll be going there to see her again.  Saturday Isaac  came over and we worked on his laptop during the morning, that afternoon i went to the law office to help joe with his pc.  Sunday church, then back to the law office to finish off over there.  I also found a bunch of security holes over there so spent the rest of the evening trying to come up with ways to help patch them up.  Now it’s back to work as normal.  Another week full of open houses, more football games, birthday parties and who knows what else to come.