Oh Death where is your sting?

It seams the past few months have been a period of time where i’ve had more encounters with illnesses, deaths and the time spent in-between.  I guess this all started originally with John Keller.  He was hit by a motorcycle, stuck in a coma for 3 months, learned to walk, talk and just live all over again.  The Keller’s are close family friends and so we kept close tabs on John’s progress and even made a website for him and all the hundreds of others who followed him.  After that, people began using his site as a place to find help and prayer for others who were going through things.  People such as Ashley, Diego, Sean, Joseph.. hundreds literally.  The one that still sticks out in my mind the most though is still LouLou.  This 11 year old girl was diagnosed about this time last year with leukemia.

I’ve had people in my family deal with cancer.  Working at the radio station we would do radio-thons for the ronald mcdonald house and st judes.  Twice a year we’d feel all warm and fuzzy, listen to 48 hours of sad music and stories and maybe even get choked up but the following day it was business a usual and we’d go on with our lives until the next year.  I found myself each year getting numb to it all more and more.  Technically it was challenging to setup and make work so it was just another part of the job for me.  It became real easy to forget that there were real people going through real situations.  I would make my donation and feel like i had done enough.

Then this little girl came into my life and changed everything about me.  The first time i met her we were at her house pulling up and there were these three kids riding their bikes around their neighborhood.  I reconized LouLou right away but only because of the headscarff she wore because of the effect chemotherapy had taken on her hair.  We got to spend about an hour talking with her doing a video interview about herself and her cancer.  It was a party for her brother going on at her house and I had planned to film alot more videos and take the best out of many more tapes about her.  This was the only footage i ever got to get.

Thanks giving day night we were already prepared knowing that the end was very close.  We just got into bed when the call came that the family wanted us there with them.  We got to the hospital, up to the 3rd floor.  Being a weekend and a holiday and the middle of the night the place was very quiet, but not just quiet.  eerily quiet.  It was just about midnight.  The nurses sat quietly at their nurses stations watching us walk by.. .knowing why we there.  sensing was they were feeling, what we all were feeling.  We went straight to loulou’s room and there her body lay finally at peace.  No more struggling, no more wincing, or crying.  just peace.  She had touched everyone on that floor’s heart.  and although we were all feeling the pain and sadness of her death, there was a solidarity to it all.  There was  purpose.  Seeing the mircales that happened that day, and that are continuing to happen in that family- makes her life worth the struggles.  Lou Lou told us once, she wanted to use her sickness to help others.  That she already has.

A colleague of mine just lost their son.  Here was a life who hadn’t even taken a breath of air and already finding himself in a life-and death situation.  A perfectly pure soul who’s life was cut way to short.

This past evening we got some more news.  My brother in law just a week or so ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Saturday he had a seizer and taken has been in a coma since.  He was put on a ventilator.  Test just revealed that no brain activity was detected.  Now my sister if face with decision that two weeks ago she never would have ever conceived having to think of.   I’m really at a loss on this one.  I’m a mix of emotions.  I’ve seen so many miracles these past two years, why couldn’t there have been another?  I can only pray that she can rest tonight with her three boys.  that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, would fill their hears and mind.. give them peace and wisdom.. and comfort in their own salvation.

I know it seams like a generic prayer, but at this moment that’s all i can think of.  I usually end my post with some moral of the story…  not quiet sure what the lesson to be learned in this one is yet.