ok.. maybe the week after

i had alot of hopes and dreams of what i wanted to get done this week. Thursday i was all happy because i would get to sleep in a bit. the broadcast was at the mcdonalds in mcallen. but as i’m going through stuff i realized that i left the broadcast equiptment in the office. so i could either wake up earlier friday and pick up the stuff or get it now. so thursday night guy and i went to weslaco to pick up the stuff. after that we swung by the new taco cabana. i was in the mood for some healthy food so i had a taco salad. when i woke up in the morning at 4:30 my stomach was not happy at all. i thought i could make it out the door without any problem but i got to see my dinner again. i went on the the remote and that went ok.. but afterwards i went to take a quick nap that ended up taking the rest of the day. saturday morning we had angel food. marshall and tracy were out of town but everything was going very smoothly. it seams like everything was getting done alot sooner. after that we took krik and cheryl out to lunch and then we had elanine holmer that afternoon. than today had church, patti was directing so i got on one of the floor cameras and got to work with her. i love it when i get to work with her because she comes up with some of the greatest shots. (she’s so wonderfull) than i was going to finally take a nap but Hannah had gotten a gift card for the new Build-a-bear place and tori needed some jeans so i took them out to the mall. when we finally got to patti’s house i got to hang out for a while and rest but now we’re back at church doing elaine again. ok.. maybe tommrow i can sleep?