ok.. so yesterday was a really long day. Had tons

ok.. so yesterday was a really long day. Had tons of problems with the mail server. I think it turned out to be a faulty network card. The link was up to the switch but it wasn’t pinging out and i couldn’t ping in. I ended up swapping cards around 11:30 last night, and so far so good. I really need to work on putting in a decent machine out there. One of these days. So i’m at work now, got a really strange problem with one pc at the law office that isn’t passing port 110 or port 25. I think it might be the antivirus program catching these. But i’m still not sure yet. Amy called last night. I hadn’t spoken to her in a really long time. She said she comes home sunday? i think that’s when she said. I tried calling alex a few times, once some guy answered, and the other times no answer at all. Who else have i spoken with, oh yea, Melissa called. She wants to plan my wedding. Again with this wedding stuff! i’m starting to think that people may be trying to give me a hint but i’m not sure.