ok there is seriously something wrong here

so i finally get the replacement drive from HP.  after dhl decided to bump my overnight shipment.  not nice.  so i get it.. stick it in the slot where the old one was.. and after the RAID rebuilds for about 4 hours, i get this email…

Event Description: Rebuild complete:

yeah! now i can get to backing up the first server that died.. but wait

Event Description: Logical device is degraded: controller 1, logical device 2 (“Secondary”) Event Type: Warning Event

wha? i just installed a new drive. what could be wrong?

Event Description: Failed drive: controller 1, port 2 Event Type: Error Event

ok now i’m ready to use 4 letter words.  i just installed a new drive in port 3, now the drive in port 2 is in a failed state!  This thing is just waiting until i replace all the drives in it.  Why not tell me that at first.  “This computer has been running to long without any expense.  You need to buy 4 new drives replace them all, and then i’ll be happy, but not until i make you do each one – one at a time.  that way i get the most pain and suffering out of you”