Olive Garden North

Patti and I went here Wednesday to check it out.  We’d heard many comments about it.  Mostly about the wait and the quality of the service, but I figured we’d check it out for ourselves.  The wait wasn’t that long.  Maybe 10 minutes.  Our hostess was pleasant and our waitress was attentive up until we got our food.  After that we didn’t see much of her.  Even when we were ready to pay and needed some boxes it took a while to find her.  I ordered the Herb Salmon and Patti had the lasagna.  Both our dishes were not the quality you’d expect to find from Olive Garden.  My salmon was dry and cold.  I even found a friend who was a waiter there.  Dennis Garza.  He even commented on how dry the food looked. 


One thought on “Olive Garden North”

  1. Hey John, it is another Kschmit for ya, been lurkin for a while.

    My Brothers best friend is a chef there..heehee. I’ll tell him he sucks!

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