one of my favorites

Of all the letters in the public file, this one has got to be one of my favorites.  Come take of look at some of them yourself.   

Mr. Santiago-
I want to add my plea to all the others concerning the  return of KVNS 1700 talk radio to the Valley. KVNS was very important to me because I looked forward to listening to Michael Savage every night while I exercised. Listening to Michael Savage was the high point in my day. It was by listening to Michael Savage that I stayed abreast of what was going on in the world. But now… now what do I get to listen to on 1700 AM? Music! And to make it worse, it is music emanating from Mexico! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against music from Mexico, but there has to be a billion stations over there that pump out  a jillion gigawatts of AM radio 24 hours a day playing nothing other than Cumbias and Mexican love songs! Why do Valley listeners have to suffer by losing one of the only two talk radio venues in the valley and having to have another Mexican music channel thrust upon us? Sure, I could switch over to KTRH 740 out of Houston, or I could go to KURV 710 out of Edinburg. But why should I be limited to these two options? All KTRH broadcasts is traffic reports and as far as KURV is concerned, the sound of David Rankins voice makes me want to hurl everytime I hear it. As it stands now, I have lost all interest in exercising because I don’t have Michael Savage to keep me company. Now, all I do is sit in front of the television, watch reruns of Seinfeld and Frasier while attempting to commit gastronomic suicide with generic potato chips and 5 ounce bars of Hershy chocolate. Needless to say, I have gained an unsightly 8 pounds of pure lard since KVNS 1700 talk radio has gone off the air. My physical state is nothing compared to my state of mind. The melancholy that hangs over me makes the days and nights of my life an indistuishable blur of shades of grey. Life for me has become a huge ball of pre-chewed bubble gum of differeing colors all stuck together. I am pondering doing a Van Gogh act on one of my ears! What is a man to do? Please, have pity on me and my fellow KVNS 1700 talk radio listeners, bring back talk radio to the valley. We don’t need anymore Cumbias around here!
Thank you for listening to my pathetic plea.