open house

went to Hannah’s open house the other day with Patti and Tori.  I used to always be afraid of open house when I was in school.  I always knew what the teachers were going to tell my parents.  “he’s a great student but he is just careless sometimes” “he rushes”  “his handwriting” “his spelling” “his archery practice in class”  ok i made that last one up.  but it was always the same thing. 

And i think I’ve always been slightly intimidated by teachers.  After the initial, “Is this Mr. Kohrt?”  I realized that some of these teachers were younger than me.  And they all had great things to say about Hannah.

I’ve been at the stock show in mercedes atleast once a day for the past week.  Sunday between the new daylight savings time, frankie d’s afternoon show from the stock show and my wanting to go ride the carnival rides.  I love rides and roller costers.  I’ve gotten to ride coasters all over the place but one of my favorites has got to be from the WB park in Toronto.  I can’t even remember the name of the park now, wonderland or something like that.. but it was really cool. *sigh*