Ozzie, work and weekend

Ozzie is doing much better.  Patti and I took him to the vet tuesday.  he behaved very well.  much better than Chloie.  He didn’t leave Patti’s side but he didn’t fuss either.  I stayed with him the rest of the day, and patti helped me straighen up my bedroom.  we must have thrown out about 4 bags of old clothes and 4 bags of garbage. 

Clear channel made two press releases this morning. 

This one and This one 

I doubt much will change for us here.  If anything maybe things will finally lossen up around here.  Instead of trying to make the books look as good as possible now we can get some real work done for a change.  Ok.. enough ranting.  you may now resume your day.

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  1. hey john whats up ya i got a user name on here o ya and if your wondering who this is its joel from church this web site is sweet u did a real good job well catch you later say hi to patti for me

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