I don’t think he knows that he’s not a kitten anymore. I still remember the day i got to bring him home. He was already potty trained. He knew how to use the scratching post. I was thinking earlier how someone could possible give him up for adoption. I was even finding myself getting upset about it.. but the more i thought about it.. the more i realized that if they hadn’t given him up, i would have never gotten to know him.

He’s been such a great cat. He greets me when i get home, like he’s been waiting for me to come home. He’ll sit in my lap and just purr. He’ll even come lie down next to me in the morning to be there before i wake up.

I don’t consider him adopted.. or my son or anything like that. it’s more of a symbiotic relationship. I don’t think of myself as his dad. i’m not his master or anything. He’s just another member of the family.

On that thought, i’m not sure what type of parent i would actually be. With ozzie, all of the hardwork was done already. He came home with me ready to love, to play and to be the best cat i’ve ever known. with kids of your own, it’s up to you to get them to that point. i don’t have any idea how to do any of that stuff. i don’t know how to raise kids up.

Patti’s tubes are tied, so their isn’t really a chance of us being pregnant, but the thought does cross our minds. Not that we’re second guessing things… but just that “what-if” chance. If we ever did end up pregnant, it wouldn’t be something horrible. it would be surprising, and shocking, but not something i would regret. i think i would be most apprehensive about my own ability to take on the responsibly of someone else’s life. What if the kid doesn’t like me? What if they decide they want to play baseball or something. I don’t know the first thing about baseball or worse, what if they become a democrat?

Patti has done an awesome job with the children she’s already had. My part in their lives has all been after the fact. Even getting to hang out with the Leals. I love those kids, but again, the Leal’s are the one’s who did all the hard work. I just get to enjoy all of their company.

I know i couldn’t ever be as good a parent as Patti. I don’t have any disillusions about that. We just went to my dad’s 75th birthday party saturday. 75 years. can you imagine that? I’m having a hard enough time with the year after the year i’m currently at. and that’s not even half that. When i’m that age, what am i going to be remembered for. what kind of legacy am i going to leave.

ok i have no idea where i went with all of that. i don’t think it makes any sense. i need some sleep.

One thought on “Ozzie”

  1. Ozzie sure is a cutie, makes me want a cat!

    My aunt has 6 kids, after the 1st she got her tubes tied and after the 3rd she had them tied again. God’s will is God’s will and if He truly is the one who opens and closes the womb, He can very easily reconnect some tubing. It can happen, not that it will but it can.

    Honestly I think you would be a really awesome dad. You have a wealth of knowledge to impart to a child and I think you would be really fun! The kind of dad that most kids around here go without; loving, affectionate, relational, and best of all not perfect and aware of that fact.

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