Ozzie’s turning 5!

Hard to belive it’s been that long.. but he’s growing up.  Sunday April 9th around 1:00pm.  There will be lunch, cake, and of course lots of cat toys.  (small colorfull mice made with rabbit fur are his favorite (hint hint)) 

I can still remember the day i went to pick him out.  Paula was with me.  Had to go through the whole adoption process (references, letter of recomendation etc) but after all that i finally brought him home in a small white cardboard box that he came in.  He was such a small kitten then.  Now look at him.  He’s got the best temperment i’ve known in a cat.  He enjoy’s attention, people rubbing his tummy, or scratching behind his ears and chin.  if he’s had enough he’ll just walk away out of reach but in sight.  he doesn’t scratch the furnature.  he doesn’t hiss or scratch people (on purpose)  If he’s jumping out of your arms he may push off with his hind legs but you can’t blame him for that.  we’ve been through many homes since that day he came home with me.  i remember i picked him out because of all the cats there.. he was the most interested in me when i was looking at all the cats.  he came up to me and was rubbing his head against the cage where i was.. and was letting me pet him and scratch his chin. 

Some times in the morning i’ll sit down on the bed to put on my shoes and he’ll just jump in my lap and purr until i manange to convince him that i have to go to work.  I love that cat. 

So join us for his 5th birthday party.  Hope to see you there.