Friday, November 12, 2004
Our own FirstWarn 5
Accuweather Forecast

Hi: 68
Lo: 54
Mostly cloudy and breezy
Hi: 62
Lo: 56
Cloudy with a bit of rain
Hi: 66
Lo: 58

I love this weather!!!

I was logging in my web server at home, it’s the new machine that all this is running on with Server 2003.? After i logged in, a dialog box came up reading…
“Why did the computer shut down unexpectedly?”? So i had to explain to it that we had a power outtage a few days ago and promise that i would buy a bigger battery to keep it happy.?

This Space For Rent

This Space For Rent

if everyone else is making money from christmas.. i want my piece of the pie.

i got this friend see..? who used to like this guy who was a real jerk to her.? i guess i hated him for that.? not that i hated him, he was actually an ok guy.? but i hated the way he treated her.? i hated to see her hurt.? especailly by him.? I would always suggest to her that she leave the guy.. but usually more an effort to jest.? i knew she was in love with him and who am i to force them apart.? well, she took care of that for me.? yeah, she broke up with him.? all along there was always this friend in her life, a guy who hasn’t ever been a jerk to her, who hasn’t ever hurt her or made her cry.? but everyone else hates him.? ok. .maybe hate is a strong word, but most people find him wrong.? i’m not saying that their concerns aren’t valid.? i’m not saying that it’s always in the back of my mind that he may become a jerk.? there is always the chance that he might hurt her, but i know that i can’t always be trying to protect her.? she has to experience love, life and pain for herself.? if i was to keep her from that, then i would be just as much as a jerk as the first guy was.