the path life leads us down….

it’s going to be another long night at the station tongiht.  doing some upgrades to our music system and finalizing our change of phone providers.  i’m going to be so glad to make the final disconnects.

So in preperation for a long night i wanted to come home early and get to rest before i had to come back.  mr meek called that the AC guy wanted to go by mission and if i would open up for him… sure.  he will be their at 3, i’ll leave at 2 and get their half an hour early.  well.. it’s 3:45 and he still hasn’t show up.  driving up here i could see the mission eagle stadium.  i had a flashback moment of back when i was in highschool.  we had a teacher who lived out here in Mission.  Mr. Long.  He had a story for just about everything and if it all is true, then he had quiet a life.  who am i to question.  His son was a kicker for Mission HS.  Mr long was the teams statistican.  i know i spelled that wrong.  but being up in the pressbox he couldn’t see all that well.  he would drive me after school to the game with them and i would be his spotter up in the pressbox.  now.. i probably know more about football now then i did then.. and coming from a school who got rid of their football program my 8thgrade year, i would not in any way consider myself proficent in football lingo, but i managed.  the trips were always interesting.  the games were neat.  but i think i got the biggest kick out of listening to mr long’s stories the most.

He had 3 other kids.  I ran into the oldest daughter a while back.. had some computer problems.. of course.  that’s been the last i’ve seen of mr. long.  i may just have to drive by the old house and see what ever became of those vague 10 year old memories.