Patti’s birthday yesterday was really fun. We had

Patti’s birthday yesterday was really fun. We had to sneak in the stuff to
her house wed. night, got her out of the house early thursday morning, the megan
setup her room before she went to school so when patti came home she had her new
bedset. Each of the kids also got her there own gifts and that each picked
something that resembeled there personality. Then for dinner we went to

, megan brought stephanie along and we
all had a really good time. Between the veal, lobster, steak, shrimp, pasta, and
flaming cherries, we were all stuffed. Ok, today what do we have in store, oh
yeah. I made some changes to the site. I added a banner tracking system, if you
have a site you’d like for me to promote send over a banner 468 X 60, and i’ll
try and get it on for you. I also fixed the live video from the webcam. Pilo
came over yesterday and fixed the heater. It was nice to have a warm night last
night! I need to pack up for this weekend, i have melbas tonight, tommrow and
sunday, i still need to edit the youth comercial for sunday am, also need to get
the antenna in the system installed. i’ll probably need some help erecting that.
Any takers?