peaceful night sounds

not sure where this one all began.  a while back the girls found the cat in the neighborhood.  they brought her in the house and fed her.  she was obviously a tame cat and really sweet.  (and really hungry)  she has since then stuck around the house and never was really a problem. 

While we Patti and I were gone to college station, the palm tree in the backyard finally got cut down, but it took part of the fence along with it.  Now there are all the neighbor cats from the area wanting to spend time with this stray.  So the past few nights have been filled with the wonderfully night sounds of these cats “mingling” outside.  i’ve gotten to scare them away with either tori’s air-soft gun or just chasing them out of the yard, but with a big gapping hole in the fence it’s to easy for them to just come back in.  So yesterday Patti and i were talking about sending her to the humane society in an effort to get rid of all the extras that hang around.  I said i’d do it.  she had me promise not to leave her on the side of the road somewhere.  so this morning i coax her to come to me, then i put her in the cat carrier, and on my way to work we take a field trip.  i get there only to find out that they don’t open until 10am.  so i’m sitting in the parking lot thinking to myself, surely they’ll find her wandering around there parking lot..  but i remembered the promise i made so we make our way back home and i let her lose back in our yard.  tommrow we’ll have to try this again but i know she won’t come as easy next time. 

there’s got to be an easier way.. maybe a .22

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  1. Chris used a bamboo pole yesterday (at 11:30pm) to scare the heck out of some of our noisy strays. We have tons of bamboo if ya wantzome. *heheh*

    We actually thought is was a child screaming in front of our house.*rollseyes*

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