Phishing Email

i got this email afternoon. It was one of the best scrapes i’ve seen.  Looks exactly like a real email from that might come from Apple.  The giveaway was the email address it was sent to is a junk address, not my iTunes email.. but i’ll bite and see where it leads.

itunesemailThe site it was directed to was even better than the email.  Safari didn’t even blink when the fake site appeared.



The url was obviously not an apple url though,

they tried to make it look like from the hostname but the actually domain name is from

Here is another email i got but they didn’t try hard to try and make this one look real.






So what should you look for when getting these messages.  Are they addressed directly to you?  Apple will have some personal information in actual emails from them letting you know that it’s not just a mass email.  Also check the url’s they are coming from.  Check that they are digitally signed.  Sometimes browsers will report back to you if someone’s repotted the site as phishing.

If you receive a link to a phishing site, you can report the site using these strategies.

Internet Explorer

Tools > SmartScreen Filter > Report unsafe site

Mozilla Firefox

Help > Report Web Forgery


Google Chrome or Safari

To report a phishing website from Google Chrome or Safari, please visit

Google Safebrowsing