I left work early yesterday for a dentist appointment.  I have this tooth that has been sensitive to biting with.  So I went by the house to wait for 3 and Patti called while i was there.  Megan had been in an accident.  She wasn’t hurt but the car didn’t seam to to be that well off. I went by to check on them and it really wasn’t bad.  it’s seen much worse.  4634

So i went off to the dentist appointment.  This is the same office that i fixed there computers way back when.  it was the first time i had ever seen a crossover cable network two computers across cat5.  So i fill out all the paperwork for the first time patients.  I swear i must have written the exact same information at least 5 times on 3 different forms.  Literally one was a small card asking for name and all that stuff… the 2nd was another reg. form asking for the same information.. anyway.  so i finally get in and the hallway had lots of exam rooms.  quite an improvement from the other time over at nolana dental.  But as i walk in the room first thing i notice is that the doorway is much more narrow than a normal door.  The far wall has one of those wallpaper murals from like the 1960’s.  My grandpa used to have one of these in his office.  The dentist chair was antique.  as well as the tools and instruments.  ok.. I’m starting to get uneasy.  and i’m running out of dentist on my plan.  so i’m reclined in this chair facing this mural and the door way is behind me.  then i hear this voice of what must be the dentist.  he ends up being a pretty cool guy.  much more personable than the first dentist i visited.  So anyway.  long story short, this tooth problem is due is going to require some extractions.  why do all the dentist want my wisdom teeth?  well.. i think i actually got an answer i can be satisfied with.  So i’m going to actually get it done now.  *sigh*