pleanty of food this weekend

well, we got out early on wednesday.  so i got my hair cut.  thursday was thanksgiving.  patti, the girls and myself went to the ranch.  of course there was tons of food.  there seams like a whole lot more people.  well, gaberil has his group, we had ours, joe’s famliy was there, mostly.  just seams like it keeps getting bigger.

friday morning was sopoused to go to South Padre Island to setup some equiptment for the Cowboys Sports Network covering a tournament at the convention center.  Their engineere wasn’t going to be in in time to get them setup and ready so they called me.  Carey had offered his place previoiusly so it would all work out well.  So i’m in Laguna Vista and the engineer calls that he’ll be ontime.  so… i was that far already so i just went to the condo and spent the rest of the weekend just resting.  mostly because i didn’t want to have to drive back.  I got to get some good pictures out of it though.

sunday after church Patti, Hannah and myself went to the ranch to work on my dad’s pc.  ended up having to restore the entire pc.  It had a built in partition with the restore disks on it, but it required burning the partition onto two dvd’s.  ok fine.. after two hours we then had to reinstall the dvd’s back onto the pc.  so another two hours later reboot and find out the the restore didn’t create the boot loader.  ok.. fine.. i had my disk with me so i just nuked the partition and reinstalled it my way.  30 miniutes later that was done.  i then reinstalled the drivers and office 03 and we were finally done.  got to have a good lunch and dinner out of it though.�