Post-it on my face

So I realized that this website has been up for a year now. Wow.. a year.. In a year this machine has served..
6482.4 visits
181992 pages
303573.6 hits
17.654232984 GB in bandwidth
I can’t say that’s it’s served much purpose other than take up your time finding out what wierd thoughts are running through my brain at the moment i actually decided to sit down and post something. It’s easier than using sticky’s. mostly because i can’t ever find a pen. like in our office.. we have a pen. not each of us.. like all of us. a pen. we share the pen. “Hey, who has the pen?” is a common phrase.

A little haiku before I sign off:

Broken slouchiness,
Smiling from outside the spine,
Sit up straight for once.

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Post-it on my face”

  1. kinda like Edward’s Abstract… “who’s got the “sign here” flags????” … Now I know what to get you for your birthday! Your own box of pens!

  2. argh.. birthday.. just another reminder of how old i’m getting. Last year’s birthday is unbeatable. although i think i may enduldge myself with a trip to old navy. funny how my old belts and jeans have shrunk. must be the dryer.

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