Pratice last night went really really well. Well,

Pratice last night went really really well. Well, it had it’s hitches but i left there feeling really good about the turn out. Once i got the video switcher in line with the screens and my layout figured out things went smoothly. Now i can cue my video’s off the screens, i can output to black or closed circut broadcast. Moved the video controls to the left of me, put lighting in front of that and of course audio in front of me. I want to put a different CD player inline just to have easier access but that should be about it. Oh yeah, i need to call allen avionics too. just a sec.

Ok, i think i found what i need but i’m probably not going to have it in place by wednesday. I’ll probably just take a bunch of iron ferrite and try that in the mean time. I got an email from Danny, he’s throwing his Christmas/Kar-e-okie party/blowout this saturday. I always look forward to his parties. Just a bunch of people hanging out, being stupid, having fun. I hope I can go. Saturday we have Angelfood starting at 5am, then a wedding the chapel at 11, another at 2:30 in the big building, after that we have to put the stage back together.