tomorrow is the big day

nervous would be an understatement.  I think the part the worries me the most is the unknown.  i’ve never done this before so i’m a little un-experienced.  I’ve gotten to talk to other people who seamed to have experienced it.  Amanda went on the air on HotKiss 106.3 talking about her mom’s experience.  She said that Dr. Schwartz was the one who did it and was just raving about the experience.  mind you it was Amanda talking, not her mom.  Today patti and i were having lunch and ran into Micheal Salinas, er.. January.  He told us about his experience and how he would do it again.  The people at the dr’s office seam to think this is some sort of routine procedure.  i just finished watching a video on you tube made by a doctor talking about the procedure.  i think i’m as prepared as i can be.  we’ll see how this goes tomorrow.