Problems at work…

Two weeks ago they had a power shortage here at the station, it messed up our Scotts Studios. We are have about 40 percent back up but we play CD’s and half of our image is gone…so we had to start from scratch. I thought they would have fixed this problem while I was on vacation..guess what…THEY DIDN’T!! Now I am on their butts wondering why they taking so long, and then to make matters worse, they had three power outages today..messing it up even more….GET ME OVER THERE!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!!

2 thoughts on “Problems at work…”

  1. found the problem.. it was the post was saved as draft. it has to be set for publish. this thing has more feature than i’m goign to use.. trying to just put the basics on.
    Sounds like you need to get back out here. i don’t know how you manage to keep your sanity out there.

  2. I just noticed..I cannot type for s**t! I want to edit it, but I can’t…

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