i’m not sure what’s been most frustrating about today.

You know during that meeting yesterday with that guy from the telco, we sat and talked for about half an hour (or more) waiting for another guy to show up. It was so much fun to sit and talk with someone who actually knew what they were talking about. We talked about work ethic, his company, things he’s seen, all sorts of really cool stuff.

It was just really fun to talk with someone who you didn’t have to dumb yourself down to.. just to communicate with. I mean here in the office, the CE is probably the most tech person here and he’s in his late 60’s.. wouldn’t know a B channel from a D channel. Back then they had paired analog lines for a remote. Now i’m using ip over EVDO.

I’m just frustrated i guess, it’s not for a lack of challenge, but more for the fact of being alone in my own little world out here. And the fact that i’m driving 30 miles every day to and from work isn’t that cool. if the kids have to get picked up or something, Patti is forced to have to do all of that.. it would take me half an hour just to get in town. I woudln’t mind working closer to home. Being able to go home for lunch would be a big cost savings too. I’ve been eating out for 5 years now.

What about sticking it out till the kids are out of school? Another 4 years? I’m always getting emails about other clear channel stations looking for people. I’m just not sure i’m ready to move yet. I mean it’s only been a little over a year since we had this house. Although it looks like Rachel and Brice may be moving on. I have alot here that would be hard to let go. My parents, the Leals… um.. i’m sure there’s more..