i’m not the kind of person to spend alot of time in the bathroom. I don’t know how people can spend more than 2 minutes in there honestly. So i was in the bathroom at the radio station, and there was a newspaper on the floor. i though, oh well.. let’s see what in the paper. (does anyone even read the paper anymore other than in the bathroom?) so i flip to my favorite section, the funnies. out of all of the comics that were in there, i only recongized two. Peanuts and blondie. and i don’t even like blondie. What ever happened to garfield, BC, Dilbert, Rose is Rose, all those old ones. Even if they are reruns, i don’t care. I want my entertainment. Even saturday morning cartoons aren’t the same. I miss my childhood sometimes.
I was doing laundry and in each of my jeans there was one nickle. Just one single nickle. We have a vending machine here that the gatoraid cost 95 cents.
And i was watching tv last night and saw a red bull comercial. what’s the deal with red bulls and wings. since when have bulls ever had wings?