Rants cont.

My rss reader tattled on this post earlier today

I know your not sopoused to bite the hand that feeds you, but i’ve never been one for censorship. 

he really hit the bullet with the striking pin on this one.  The worship team isn’t what it used to be.  i always find myself remembering a time when there were no pews, no time constraints, the worship would start, diana would be on her knees still playing, the singers (not chior) would be on ther backs with mics still in hand, the chairs would be pushed back and the alter would be any part of the floor opened up.  denise would be laughing, richard would be laughing, even mrs bentley. 

this was back in the late 90’s .  when i was still new to the whole caramastic church thing, but i knew this is what i was looking for.  back then when i could sit in a chair or on the floor or lay on my face without not infront of anyone else, no one cared, they were probably out themselves… but infront of God.  when you finally left sunday night service, 9 or 10 that night, you knew that you were in His presence.

during a recent leadership meeting (i’m in leadership?) all of this was basically reiterated.  the praise team up there, playing their heart out.  “Johnny with his daugher facing surgery but he’s still up there playing the drums with all his heart” just to provide background music for everyone else’s conversation.  Maybe this is the enviorment that has been created.  Even all the way to the top you see people greeting eachother during the worship.  i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen it from the booth myself.  someone will be standing there arms raised trying to “enter in” and from behind them someone comes up and get there attention to shake there hand and talk. 

i’ve always told patti if Diana ever gets on a worship teams somewhere, if Sonnie joins in, if Pastor James starts up a group, we have to go check it out.  what are we doing here?  are we getting feed what we need?  what our famliy needs?  the kids obviosuly don’t want to be part of this group.  it’s sad when they get ran off by their own peers. 

are we here just to serve?  just to faciliate the facility? 

I know joe has asked this of pastor before, on many occasions.  “What’s the vision of the church”  you know.. where are we headed.  what are you after.  what are we spopoused to be going for?  is it missions?  is it spreading the gospel to people outside of our building?  is it to impact our community.. i mean.. what is our goal?  the responce he got was .. ‘let me get back to you on that’  i think that was sometime around chrismas.  i don’t know if he’s been given a responce since.  so.. in the mean time we just keep doing what we’ve been doing? 

I admire James.  He had a vision.  it was 100000 from laredo to brownsville.  he saw it wasn’t getting done where it was at and he moved to make it happen.  Like that song “lord move, or move me” 

This place could obviously function if i wasn’t around.  i could do without the tax bill at the end of year.  maybe VSF needs to become it’s own entity, apart from the borg. 

i’m just rambling now- i’ll stop.

3 thoughts on “Rants cont.”

  1. Oh man, dangerous grounds we find ourselves on…lol.

    Having been part of the youth for so long (and having removed myself and family from there quickly after James did) I can tell you that my heart really does hurt for AG.

    I really hear what your saying and I realize that you and Patti have hearts for the youth and for the “Messiah’s Misfits” so to speak (I have been one my whole life..lol). However one might consider that being faithful to something that is not faithful to the tune/will of God might be dangerous grounds in and of itself.

    I am not going to plug the church building that Chris and I have been attending, for I know that it has its share of quirks. However I will say that we were not being fed in the stagnant waters of the AG well. We were dying. Now we are finding more joy than we did in the 9 + years in those waters.

    As the body/”The Church”, we are to make the changes. We are to show the Love of God, be different from the preconceived notions of Christianity, but when we are limited by those who hold authourity over us…when they move without God, when they choose mammon over the true Authority and Savior of our souls…

    …maybe it is time for a change.

  2. You endanger more than just yourself with your words, old friend. Would you kindly think twice before being so specific with the deets? Then again, why am I afraid?

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