ratings today…

in about 30 minutes the primilmary ratings will be out.  if your a regular to this site i’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this twice a year.  simply put, for some wierd reason, radio people base there entire life on it.  i find it the equilivant to the TASS back when i was in school, or the CAT test.  (why were we taking the california achevment test here in texas?)  You spend months preparing and making sure you didn’t miss any school and got a good nights rest during the test days.. and the day the results finally came it was scary.  Scary waiting to see what the result was.  that’s the best way i can describe what these guys go through.  I’m not really sure what to predict what they will end up being.

Now, the whole ratings bussiness.. is just that.  a bussiness.  I mean, they send out these paper books to all these people, give them 6 bucks or something like that and ask them to write down  everything they listen to for a period of time.
Then they spend  an equal amount of time putting all that data together and preparing it for us.  so you work your tail off for 4 months than wait 2 months for the data to come in and then start another 4 months of diarys, meanile your barley getting the data from 6 months ago.

They are talking about better ways of getting data, like a device on your cellphone that can “hear” what your listening to and report it immedialy.  much more realiable i feel but alot of people complain that it’s “Too real” and you’ll get to see how much/little people really listen.  instead of writing a check box in a paper for 15 minutes of listening, maybe it  was only really 9 minutes?

Ok.. enough about that.. oh wait.. one more thing.  this ratings thing. .it’s just a bussiness.  they charge thousands upon thousands of dollars to give this data to stations and advertisers.  the rates are really ridiculous.  And in some markets not everyone buys the ratings so the ratings company just decides to block all there data.  it’s crazy i know.