Ready to be home

It’s a friday afternoon and i’m stuck here at borderfest.  Just 3 and a half more hours and i get to be home with my wife.  I guess it’s not to bad.  just sitting at the broadcast table, better than being outside.  And it’s a break from being in the office.  Yesterday had to spend the entire day out with Ken driving to the transmitters.  All i needed was a lader and it wouldn’t fit in my car so i had to ride along with him.  The morning wasn’t to bad but then he gets on his rants and i just want end up tuneing him out.  can’t complain to much. he bought lunch.  didn’t close his mouth while he ate but he bought lunch at least.

tonight patti and i get to sit on the couch and watch Wednesay’s lost.  Saturday going back out to church to work on cleaning out my office again.  making slow progress, but progress none the less.  Also want to work on some cabling while i’m out there.

I need a vacation, i wonder what the weather is like out in new england this time of year.