Red Bull? WaHo!

These people are always comming to the station giving out Red Bull’s (dealers trying to get you addicted, then you gotta pay out to keep the rush) i always say no. Today i thought i’d just try it to see what it was all about. I since then have gotten my drivers licenced renewed, cleaned up the office, sent out about 45 QSL reports, unloaded my car, fixed up my storage room, began planning on Visio the installation of the new radio stations, played 20q a few times, talked to TxDot about Traffic Lane Changes, and it’s only 11:00.

One thought on “Red Bull? WaHo!”

  1. Red Bull tastes like cough syrup!! You should try XS Energy’s so good and there’s like 8 different flavors like Tropical Punch, Citrus, Cranberry-Grape, and Root Beer are my 4 favorites…Root Beer just came out like a few weeks ago and it’s SOOOO good!! Plus, XS is really healthy…it has 1/2 the caffeine as a cup of coffee so it’s low in caffeine and you can actually get caffeine free ones if you want but the way you get the energy is from Vitamin B-12 so it’s better than all the caffeine because it doesn’t hype you up and then bring you down really quick, it sticks with you throughout the day. Plus, there’s 0 sugars, 0 carbs, and only 8 calories. I would highly recommend them 🙂

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