relaxing weekend

Friday morning KTEX did there morning show from the mcdonalds on 107 and jackson in edinburg.  Just up the road from where i live, so i got to sleep in.  (5:30am)  After that i was thinking.. well they are closing the office early today why don’t i just stay home… so i did.  Patti and i decided to get some work done on the wedding.   We got a whole lot done and the weather was great.  It’s been cool and breezy.  We went to Harlingen later that evening to relax and get away.  We got to have dinner at the same restruant where we had dinner at at least 5 years ago.. maybe more.  I was working for the bank and they i was installing the computers for the new bank in brownsville.  I was there a whole week working on that.  She came up there on wednesday night to meet me in harlingen to have dinner together.  Even way back then it amazed me tha she would go that far out of her way just to spend a some time with me.  She even sent presents for me while i was gone.  I still have them on my bookshelf. 

I love her so much.  I can’t wait to get to marry her.  While we were having dinner we saw Sarah and Rob.  We were at there wedding back in january.  They look so happy together.  We got to talk to them for a while.  They said after all of that.. the best part is when the wedding is finally over.  As much as i’m looking forward to the wedding.. i’m also looking forward for the rest of my life.  Together with her.