Rio Grande Wannabe Valley

that’s what i’m giong to start calling it now. 

Wikipeidia says: A valley is a landform, which can range from a few square miles (square kilometers) to hundreds or even thousands of square kilometers in area. It is typically a low-lying area of land, surrounded by higher areas such as mountains or hills.

There is NOT any mountians of hills of any type here.  Now phoenix, that’s another story…

It was so nice up there.  It wasn’t hot.  well the temprature was hot.. but not hot like here.  it didn’t feel hot at all.  Clearc Channel just moved into a new building there so everything was new.  Some of the studios were not even completed yet.  They really got there act together.  I went out there to put 4 new HD2 radio stations on the air there.  It wasn’t as bad as i was expecting it to be.  It all came together very nicely. I’m happy.. but happy to be home too.  I missed Patti and the kids, and ozzie and manuel.  it’s nice to be home finally