Ronald McDonald

Shortly after I started working here, we had the st. jude radiothon here at the studio.  I remember standing back watching all these guys try and make this work. I couldn’t help but shake my head wondering how they ever got it working.  They hired some contractor to come run all the lines into the room and then used a dial up scoop to call into the hybrid of the studio and place calls from the phone bank into the studio that way.  i was still really new so didn’t make any effort to try and show them the light.  a few months later however, they had the mcdonald radiothon.  they wanted me to go and help them do the live broadcast from there with ISDN and with scoops.  ok.. i can do that.  so i get their the day of and you know how they were making this work?  they had smartcom lease a toll free number into their hunt group. then used the office phones to answer all the calls.. so one of the wall phones in the kitchen, one in the front and one in the office.  that was there phone bank.  we were dialing up on the scoops making an 8 hour long call on two stations.  well.. those two lines were the same ones the fire alarm system uses and if it doesn’t sense dialtone then it starts beeping over and over and over.  (really annoying)

so they are all trying to figure out what they are doing wrong, about this time i stepped up and dispatched someone to wallmart to pick up 4 desk phones.. i then wired up a cat5 cable with 4 RJ45’s on one end, and hardwired the other end directly up to the demark.  This became the radiothon cable that i have been using ever since.  i then also took the main office lines and rethreaded them into the firealarm system to make it happy.  I’ve since then taken a 2nd cat5 cable to the set totaling 8 jacks, with a single RJ45 on the ends so it can be wired directly into our patch bay here at the studio…  it’s done two radiothons a year now. 

Another year in the middle of the radiothon some construction people took a backhoe to the phone lines cutting off everything.  I then rerouted the toll free number to the McDonalds corporate office in mcallen and they took the rest of the calls.  Jeff Schmatz and Dawn Price both seam to think I’m some sort of Radiothon guru now. 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  It was nice that everything worked smoothly, all the prep effort obviously paid off, but the lack of excitement and early start to the day had me yawning by noon.  i actually fell asleep to some weird sport on TV,  they called it football but there was no band, no cheerleaders, no blimp.  just a bunch of guys kicking a ball with there head.  shouldn’t it be called headball? 

Channel 5 was there too… Jonathan Owens was doing his weather from out there all morning.  Afterwards he wanted to get back to the studio and i wanted to get back to the internet for a while so i drove him back. He’s actually a pretty cool guy.  Really knows allot about the business and enjoys what he does.  I ended up heading home around 4 to finally get some sleep only to head back around 8 to pick up all my stuff.  till next year…