round and round i go

yesterday was a busy day. got home.. helped patti with a computer, dropped off tory at band pratice, went to megan’s chior concert (they did really well by the way), patti megan and myself went to kumori’s for a 2nd dinner, picked up tori, worked on the computer some more.. came home around 11:45, a power outtage took out this website so i got that back up and running. (i haven’t run backups in a while.. i need to do that) then this morning i was driving to work like i always do.. up 10th street to trenton, across to 281 and then up to expressway 83, well my onramp was closed.. so i got off on owasa and went back to freddy…. that on ramp was closed.. so went up to iroad, that was closed.. doubled back to spraque.. that was closed.. iowa was closed.. i must have gone around in circled at leaset 4 times.. finally it was like heck with this.. i just stayed on the frontage road, detoured on to bussiness 281, then along the frontage again all the way up to the nolana onramp… i think i’m just goign to go straight up nolana next time. so how long is this going to be going on you may ask?