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I was wondering what all do i have in my feed list that i read on a daily basis.  Well… Google reader apparently gives you stats on what you read.  Here are mine.

Subscription trends (last 30 days)

Frequently updated
Most obscure
Subscription Last Updated
Clear Channel News (AMANDA_journal) 4/17/08
Tieline Technology News 4/22/08
Clear Channel News (Jay The Canary Cantu_journal) 5/8/08
Clear Channel News (Patches_journal) 6/10/08
No Veil 6/11/08
Mighty Seek 8/5/08
Awakening 8/12/08
FBC San Isidro Pastor’s Corner 8/16/08
Unofficial DreamHost Blog 10/8/08
POP! Goes My Heart 11/3/08
I iz marc’s Weblog 11/9/08 – technology jobs 12/29/08
Diary of A Madman 12/31/08

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