San Isidro reunion

well, i got a call monday saying, hey, our class reunion is friday. At first i was really put out. i mean, i’ve actually been looking forward to a reunion for what, 10 years now? but as i’ve let time pass, it’s not so bad anymore. i mean, i guess the lack of notice and consideration is what’s to be expected from san isidro. of course i’m not talking about everyone, but 18 years should had been enough time to know what it was like out there. And what the people were like. Why can’t i go, well.. friday morning there is a funeral service, that evening is john bevere, i’m doing a show at the civic center for Melbas on friday, saturday and sunday, and saturday is also the dinner show for the youth and sunday is rileys birthday party, and thursday is tech rehearsal for the dinner show on saturday. And this isn’t a “busy week” this is just the way things are. and i can’t just put all those responsibilties aside. i’ve spent to much time trying to develople a standard of reliability. I want to be a person of my word. As much as i despise doing melba’s shows.. i told her i would and i am going to do it. I’m going to talk to Ann about not doing the May show though, with the ACM’s comming up, the wedding, and all the work that still needs to be done on it.. not to mention i’ll be moving in to the new house about that time.. there is just no way i can afford to give up three days to the civic center to pull that off. Anyway.. i guess there is always 2017.

oh i found the website for san isidro. i think i’ve talked about it before on here. Beside the latent upload speed, and poor design, and out of the box server… well. yeah not much has changed in 10 years.