Tuesday felt like saturday, and yesterday didn’t feel like the weekend at all.  I guess missing work and staying in late meant it actually WAS saturday but it just didn’t feel like it.  I spent the morning working on programming trunks for our new traffic monitoring network.  All of our stations are now broadcasting traffic updates in the AM and PMD.  Then i went with Patti, Hannah, Randal, his friend and a friend of theres to see pirates of the caribibian.  It was good.. but slow.  took a while for things to finally unfold.  Then we went and ate.. the ladies at luby’s said i didn’t look 27.. i was so happy!  doesn’t make them a better luby’s though.. just nice people.  then we came here and worked on fixing another computer.  Now it’s sunday am.. about to pull off one of the biggest sunday morning’s we have ever pulled off.  check it out..