It’s been a good day. I got to sleep in, meet with richard for a while. we had lunch together. he want’s to start helping around the youth building again. I’m all for it so let’s give him a chance to show up this month and see if we can integrate him into next month’s calendar. I spent the afternoon with Carey working on some radio spots for his website. This is a really cool site that i can see it serving alot of really cool purposes.
Patti and i went and pickedout christmas trees. we both got one and hannah decorated mine. It looks really nice. Ozzie kind of sniffed at it.. now he’s laying down next to me infront of the tree.. christmas music playing in the bg.. yeah. it’s that time of year again. this has always been my most favorite time of the year. i love the weather, driving home to the ranch.. light drizzle on the windshield.. the heater on.. and the all the stars in the sky… that’s what i remember most about christmas time. i remember making those drives even as a kid with my parents. we’d drive hours from bryan to come to the country and spend christmas with all the family here. I guess some things just always stick with you