Save the Date

Well.. the save the date cards have all been sent now.  Wedding rings have been purchaced, invitations have been purchased.  House has been purcahsed.  It’s all starting to come together now.  I’m excited that it’s getting closer, but i’m also nervous about all the unknowns.  I’m so used to spending all day with Patti and the kids, but i always get to go home at the end of the day.  I’ve always had that place to go and unwind from everything, i can turn up my music, walk around in my underwear, lay on the carpet with ozzie, i could leave all the toilet seats up… and no one could complain.

One thought on “Save the Date”

  1. It doesnt matter if you are God, Himself…. girls will ALWAYS complain about the toilet seat being left up. Its just a fact of life.

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