Saw oceans 12 last night. About midway through the

Saw oceans 12 last night. About midway through the movie, i was like.. “man.. this is kind of a let down” but the last 10 minutes it’s just like.. OH WOW! yeah.. if you fall asleep.. forget it.. you’ll miss everything. it’s like way

Today has been my free day to actually do some stuff for myself for a change. Editing some video footage, put together an intro for a weekly show. (haven’t done that in a while, it was hard to get back in the groove) Went over to Pillo’s to fix his computer. He is still using dialup (argh) and didn’t have his connection info set right. I’m probably dating myself here but i remember back in the day when if you had a 9600kb modem, you were the cool guy on the block. Ok, i lived on a block with geeks but still. Drove megan over to Eriks. They
tell me that i dont’ hate the guy so i guess i don’t. Girls are wierd, i mean, this is the same guy who broke up with her, dated some other girl like the next day and they are still friends? go figure. Came home to find my mail server down. It has a bad habbit of locking up when i run the washing machine. Found that a pair of stripped drives was messed up. I thought about reinstalling MS server on it but maybe after the holidays. so i just yanked them and left it running with the one system drive on it. Hitman called. Haven’t heard from him in a while. I colocated some data for him on hiswebsite. Check it out here if you get a chance. I miss the old times. When we would all hang out, Tony, Amanda, Hitman… It’s so quiet at work without them now. I always look up and expect to hear Amanda’s famous laugh or Hitman’s impression of a juristic