Serenity now

The weekend was like any other.  Had a dept meeting with the media guys to talk about April.  It’s going to be a busy month for us.  Elaine Hollar is coming this month, The worship conference is this month.  we have a few upgrade and repair projects and just lots we needed to work on the calendar with them.  The worship conference group decided to have their meeting on the same day and i really wanted to get to find out what’s going on with that so i stuck around for that one and we just ended up combining the two together.  Romeo called that they wanted to go on a bike ride.  I had just gotten a cushion for my bike so i was ready to try it out. 

We ended up going to Santa Anna on their bike trail.  I had no idea it was 7 miles, one way.  I made it though.  I make the kids drag my lifeless body out of their so their was some motivation to keep going. 

Monday got to work, like any other day.  On my desk is a DSS station that gives me the status of our PBX network at a glance.  I keep an eye on all of the request lines, alarms, PRI channels, Copper trunks, etc. etc.  I walked in and 23 of the PRI channels were lit up.  PANIC!!!

Did some testing, had no RED alarms which meant the the physical line was up.  The smartjack didn’t indicate any problems either.  Rebooted our system to make sure it wasn’t just a quirk.  Still no luck.  Called the CLEC and they ended up finding the problem.  I got a free lunch out of it. 

On the way back to to the office i was on the phone with patti when i heard something odd.  Hung up and ended up finding out it was coming from my AC.  *sigh*

And then i’m back i the office and one of the vendors shows up and wants to fix another problem we’re having.  So we’re back their working on his stuff and someone else walks in asking if the network was down.  “Shouldn’t be” i said.  I was standing right in from of that smartjack and and i glanced over and saw the ALM light lit up.  *sigh* looked at my cell phone and no bars.  I’ve been through this enough times to know what it was.  Ever since we switched to smartcom our telephones have been unaffected by the biannual fiber cuts but everything else is subject to being isolated from the rest of the civilized world.  This one ended up being restored around 10pm. 

It was one of those Mondays.