She got me this time

patti could probably tell this story better than i could

Friday night was Sonnie’s Christmas party and Clear Channel’s party.  I was looking forward to the clear channel party but i also wanted to see sonnie and the gang.  So we decided to skip the clear channel party.  later on we decided we could go after sonnie’s.  So i’m at home trying to get things hurried up so we can have pleanty of time, when Patti lets me know that we were going to clear channel’s first. 

so we get there and not long after we are there, the ac in the server room at the radio station decided to die.  so we took off to get that taken care of and stay on the air, people at the party are starting to panic because i wasn’t there.  i had no idea.  nobody told me i needed to be there.

so anyway.. i finally make it there only to find out that they were waiting for me to start the awards.. and on top of all that, they decided to give me the employee of the year award.  again.  so that’s what all the hoopla was about.

well. the award kind of broke in shipping so instead they gave me this.. um.. lamp.  picture soon to follow.