she’s such an amazing woman

and yes i’m talking about my wife.  i honestly love her with all my heart and soul.  and not just because i’m married to her.  because of the way she loves me and cares for me.  my friends like her, my family loves her.  even my co-workers like her.  Tim was commenting about somethign i had fogotten, “do i need to call patti and tell her when i need you to remember something?”  Not only is she an amazing mom, able to juggle the hectic lives of three different kids going in three different directions, but she is also able to handle the basketcase that i am not to mention her high stress job and the church responsibilies that i’ve dragged into this relationship.  She has her own struggles too… My biggest prayer is that i can be at least half the spouse to her that she is to me.  I don’t want her to ever feel alone, or unloved.  I want her to know that i will always be beside her.  even if i can’t fix the problem, i’ll go through the problem with her.  because i love her.