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The San Isidro Experience
June 13,2006
Chris Ardis

One of the best things about writing a weekly column is the opportunity to hear from readers. A perfect example of this is Carlos Guerra.

Carlos first e-mailed me a couple of years ago after reading one of my columns. Shortly thereafter, he invited me to La Muñeca, his ranch in Linn. Anyone who knows Carlos, knows he and his wife, Sister, are all about kids.

Since that first visit, Carlos has kept in contact and has invited me to various events at the ranch. His children are grown now. His first grandchild is only weeks old and he and Sister are expecting their second grandchild in a few months. But several times throughout the year, you will find many other young people at La Muñeca for fun and educational agricultural events.

Recently, Carlos contacted me to see if I would sit on a scholarship interview panel at San Isidro High School. Believe it or not, although I have lived in the Valley for 23 years, this was my first “San Isidro experience.