and when the lamb open the 7th seal, silence covered the land

i got home, after an extraordinary long day. We are getting rid of two older storage sheds to make room for a new larger one at the station. So… we spent much of the morning throwing stuff out into a roll-away dumpster. Sometime later that afternoon i was throwing away some old computer and decided to chuck on in their as far as i could. it made it about half way in and even shattered the window i’d been triying to break all morning. (that was already thrown in the dumpster) Shortly after that my shoulder was letting me know that it didn’t appericate the treatment i had given it. Spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of things i’d been putting off here and then. I got a habbit of leaving stuff in my mail’s inbox until it’s done or needs to be seen again soon. otherwise it get’s filed away. nothing ever get thrown away. as of this moment i only have 1 item in my inbox from today.
So anyway… after a long day i get home, the house is empty or appears to be. i got to turn off the tv’s left on, the lights left on.. lift ozzie on my shoulder and sit in the rocking chair. in the quiet, peaceful house. it was so nice to come home to that. the peace probably didn’t last 10 minutes at most but it was 10 minutes well spent. i think i’m going to take something for this shoulder and get to bed early. tomorrow we get to clean out the storage units at the self-storage place.