Sleep? what’s Sleep?

It’s been a long day. and it just started. Yesterday was my first day back at work after a week and a few days of vacation. Getting back into the swing of things was wierd. I was at getting ready for the Radiothon most of the days setting up phone lines and stuff here at the Ronald Mcdonald house. Went back to the station around 10 worked on some more stuff out there getting ready.. did some wiring in the ktex control room.. finished around 11.. went into ktex to making sure everything was cool.. and it was silent. Lia was completly dead. Checked the sat.. rebooted it.. no change. Checked with Jones and they said they were completely off the air. So called Jojo and woke him up.. got some music on the air to finish off the rest of the hour. Got home around midnight. woke up at 4 and got back here around 5 at the mcdonald house. So far so good.. one slight problem but no one should notice yet. Trying to wake up someone at SBC.. like that will ever happen.

Ok.. SBC problem solved.. now i’m just sitting around. things seam to be calm. A big change from last year. With all the food they keep bringing us and the mid day slump.. i’m ready to just lie down and take a nap. It’s going to get busy when school lets out in an hour. I might even get to meet ronald mcdonald.. again..

2 thoughts on “Sleep? what’s Sleep?”

  1. Dude, you guys rock..38 thousand wow…I really am proud of you GET SOME REST!! I still say you need to take a day off after all that…lets do lunch sometime soon…

  2. I know you put in more hours on this telethon than anyone knows about, and your exhausted and not feeling well, but the money that was raised yesterday in that 12 hour period will benefit so many children and families in the days to come, and I know that’s where your heart is! Once you wake up and things get back to normal, it will have been worth the effort! Your such a blessing John, and you bless God’s heart continually!

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