It was so nice to sleep again

Ok, i admit it.  i’ve been a whimp through all this wisdom teeth thing.  Next time i’m not going to let them take all 4 at once.  The first few days were actually ok, but mostly because i followed patti’s advice and took all the medication as instructed to.  By saturday i was feeling so good i thought, i can back off this stuff.  That led to two of the most painfull nights i have ever experienced.  Last night however i was back on the regular medication and i actually slept through most of the night until i had to wake up to visit the litter box.  The biggest pain now is back when i got my fillings done, my wisdom teeth were keeping my molars from biting fully.  now that they are, i’m feeling the uneven surface of the fillings so i have to go get those polished down a bit. 

It will be so nice to get back to life as normal.  Yesterday we didn’t even get to have dinner with the Leals.  It was spoused to be game night with the kids.  Last time was Puzzle night.  Oh well.. next week.  And i will be able to actually eat then too.