sleepless weekend

Well, Friday the ktex morning show was broadcasting from south padre island, and rather than waking up at like 3am to get there and setup by 5:30, i stayed with Carey and Lisa at the island.  It worked out great, his birthday was that same night so i got to celebrate with them.   Saturday evening we were going to take KQXX off  the air to swap out the transmitters.  The V5 for  V10.  The cabinets are identical so really it was just an easy swap.  We started at 7pm and by 10pm we were done with the hardware swap.  The new transmitter was in place and powering up.  Now came my part.  To save money, they decided to keep the old exciter and just move it to the new transmitter.  The exciter is the main part of the transmitter where the audio is converted to RF.  The rest of the system is just a bunch of amplifiers taking that rf from 10watts to 6000 watts.  The sales person said it would work so we assumed it would work.  Well turns out the software in the transmitter and the exciter were not exactally compatible.  So we had to up the output on the exciter, lower the sensitivity on the transmitter, and swap to FM only and we were able to get on the air.  1am i was finally home.  now they are going to send us the upgraded software to bring the exciter up to speed with the transmitter.  So tonight at midnight i’m going back out there to pull some files off the EEPROM to send to the manufacture so they can preconfigure everything we need to upgrade.