So I get to work today, Big Al is complaining abou

So I get to work today, Big Al is complaining about the promotions I’m getting him, He doesn’t like the fact that they might be the only ones promoting Ted Nugent in July..Of course I was nice and polite…and grinned and beared it…AHHHHHH!!! then We have a concert on Sunday with King Diamond, they forgot to turn in the paper work to start giving away tickets, they said”oh, you go ahead and do it..” AHHHHHHHH!!! Got that done, Then Larry comes into the control room and says “I think we need to play more classic during the day and less Current rock, since the new stuff sounds like crap..” (grin and bear it…grin and bear it…)AHHHHHHHH!! I HATE IT HERE!!!! ?I DON’T WANNA BE HERE ANYMORE! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A CLUSTER**** HERE!!!?I JUST WANNA LEAVE!!!!! I got to vent a little bit with Amanda, she said why don’t you just become PD? I don’t wanna be PD.. that means me signing a contract, which then I would be stuck here…plus I would want even more money…and I just don’t think its worth it, to get paid more, yet still be unhappy…sure some people might be able to take it, but you can only take so much..I wanna go somewhere I can be happier….I know I can never be “happy” wherever I go, but at least “happier”…sorry…..