so tired…

it’s been such a stressful week.  I’m so tried of being away from home.  of having to sacrifice my wife’s birthday to be at church.  Last night was the first performance.  I found myself a niche by adding some dynamics to their visual show.  getting to watch the show from their sound booth has given me a new insight to the team.  I remember the first time i saw them perform back in ‘ought and 2 i think?  I was so amazed by their talent and skill.  now it just doesn’t seam to have the same wow effect.  I think the feelings seam to be shared by some of the locals too.  Not to mention the drama that happens off the stage. 

I’ve enjoyed getting to hang out with Jimmy Todd and Jason, that’s been fun.  But it may be easier just to buy them a plane ticket next time without everyone else.  Their is a staff meeting next Monday.  i’m not partially looking forward to it.  Not so much because of the expecting bickering and complaining, but because of the lack of resolve.  i mean, how many times has upper management been warned, dissuaded, dis-encouraged, and flat out told not to bring them back? and this is what.. the 4th time now? 

I’m really looking forward to the valentines banquet.  this promises to be fun.  Mostly because it’s not being billed as a church event.  same goes for patti’s easter programs. 

i’m tired of dealing with time warner.  having a lot of problems with roadrunner at the church and haven’t had any free time to work on it.. or the radio programs..

Melba’s show is coming up in a few days and i think they are expecting me to do sound for them.. and they want me to video it too.  I just don’t see how i can with everything else we’re trying to balance. 

not to mention all the pending projects.  and the redevelopment i’m working on and they guy hasn’t replied to any of my emails…

megan and tori’s birthdays are coming up.. and i still haven’t given patti a proper groundhog day/birthday. 

just want things to go back to normal.. (or is this normal?)