So we finished the outreach on saturday, sunday

So we finished the outreach on saturday, sunday i was already pretty tired.? Got to church early to set things back up for service that morning.? than I just kinda took things easy.? I wanted to rest.? It had been a long week? Only to find out that amy and her friends had made a cake (which i never got to try)? oh well.? It’s the thought that counts right?? It was nice to be thought of.? I thought.?? Ok .. my suprise for the day.? It was nice.? Now i can go to bed in piece.? I went to nap.
That afternoon we were celebrating Tracy’s birthday.? (her’s was on saturday)? So i was trying to plan things with marshall and patti to do something special for her.? Patti said she’d come over to my house and pick me up. that kinda made me wonder why i couldnt’ take my car.. so i said no.. we are taking my car.? She was like. fine.? hum.. that went over to easy.? maybe i was just being parinoid.? so we get to church and we are driving??to there house and there’s a bunch of people at the corner with the bbq pits and stuff.? Patti was like.. stop here.. this is your party.? I was like um.. ok?? So sure enough.. everyone was there.? Paula was there.. all of tracy’s friends where there (apperently she had con’ed her too) it was really a suprise.? I had a nice time.?And i was quite suprised at the turnout too.?
So today is monday, my mom and dad are comming to take me to lunch today.? Tonight we are going to do some decorating in the office for the halloween contest.? tommrow we are doing Art Escape?(note to self, write up qoute for boss panaormic system) wed church, thursday pratice, friday game at san benito, saturday, um.. i’m not sure what’s next.. someone help me out here.