So yesterday i had to get to church early to fi

So yesterday i had to get to church early to finish the comercial for the youth, and rendered it to MPEG2, went home, patti was there with the kids and i got to eat, went to amy’s to move the 2nd load, called romeo to come get the books, when i got there church called that the player coudln’t decode mpeg2 so i needed to render as AVI, so i drove around the neighboor hood and found an unsecured WEP, Terminal Serviced in to the editor (which i thankfuly left on) and re rendenered, got back, the lights had been cut off already so they were doing all of this in the dark.? i loaded up my car, then we loaded up pattis and romeo’s suburban.? Then on the way to the storage i listened to KTEX and found the lia was sounding really bad.? She was having audio dropouts like 3 times a minute.? So called jones, they said call starguide, called them they said, yup your reciever is screwed up, call us in the morning and we’ll ship you a new one.? so i was thinking.. that means i have to go the rest of this show sounding like this and all of tommrow?? so i called them up again, how about i get my spare authorized?? so they said that might work, i went to the station, setup the new reciever moved cables over and it worked.? Then while i was there,?i thought, you know i’ve been meaning to fix the Digital Reel to Reel so that it will automaticaly mark the spot block and liners.? so i wired that up.? Anyhow.. ended up going home around 2:30am, then around 8 the phone started ringing.? KHKZ was screwing up, then pastor called, and ken called.. it was like.. forget it.. i’ll just get up and go to work.?